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Flash off
24 October 2009

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Flash on
23 October 2009

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21 October 2009

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Filoli Gardens
22 September 2009

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19 July 2009

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Missing bulbs
16 July 2009

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14 July 2009

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12 July 2009

Recent Comments

Rags on Flash off
Nice image.

Joanne on Pink and white
Beautiful shot capturing the flower's fragile structure.

Picha on a rose by any other name
Real beauty! :))

Abraham Siloé on stand alone rose
great picture, like it, good work!!! hope you visit my photoblog greets from Mexico!!!

Veronelle on Through the looking glass
great idea

Rags on Same bird different view
It looks like a really crowded place.

Chris on Same bird different view
what a complex cityscape - there is a lot going on in this shot and I think it is a little hard to pick out the subject ...

Rags on A birds eye view
Nice shot.

Rags on Roses full bloom
Very nice looking flower.

Vachel on Birthday flowers
beautiful flowers...

Susan on Birthday flowers
Wonderful colorful flowers!! Nice shot!!

Rags on Rose 2
Very lovely.

Onlymehdi on Rose 2
vey nice

Moridi on Rose at work
Very beautiful. Good color and frame. Thank you.

Eleftheria on Rose at work

Rags on Rock
Are those nails?

DB on Gospel
or r yaw doctors

Rags on Co worker in black and white
Wonderful environmental portrait.

MontereyJohn on Misc.
Hi Loretta. something is off here, so forgive me for chiming in. I really am trying to be helpful. Have you checked ...

MontereyJohn on Misc.
Hey koretta, I looked at this one and the previous one, so you have an autofocus issue going on? Something is not quite ...

Loretta on Misc.
Russian Nesting Dolls see

Rags on Misc.
I kinda like them. What are they called?

MontereyJohn on random
The comments tickled me :) Fun image playing with the mundane things of life. Well done.

dj.tigersprout on random
wow -- can't quite figure this out -- very intriguing though!! wonderful textures! :)

Rags on random
Interesting image. What is it?

bisha on Grandma shower 2
I've never heard of a grandma shower before but what fun! And look at all those great gifts!

Rags on My office in refection
very cool.

bisha on Meet Andy
Looks like he's quite curious. I often think that our cats have quite the life - eat, sleep, play, sleep...!

bisha on Curve
What an interesting sculpture! I agree with your teacher, a shallow DOF would make it stand out more, but it's ...

dj.tigersprout on Alone
wow -- a beautiful sort of depth here! is that grass in the foreground! and is this through a window? mysterious ...

dj.tigersprout on Curve
this has a wonderful magical feel to it -- and i am loving that sculpture!

Rags on Curve
it is a really nice image as well as work of art.

dj.tigersprout on Series of a tree 2
ooh -- a minimal version! a wonderful series! bravo!!

dj.tigersprout on Series of a tree 3
more wonderful work! faaabulous!!

dj.tigersprout on Series of a tree 4
ooh - i have been missing out! i love trees! gorgeous!!!

dj.tigersprout on Shadow
elegant shadow work here -- beautiful!!!

dj.tigersprout on Pattern
i love this! just amazing! sorry i haven't been around! i just added you to my blog watch so i don't have to ...

Maramy on Curve
Interesting figure 8!!! like the way the birds are perched on it

bisha on Shadow
Such a pretty shadow! Nicely done.

Rags on see the bee
I love the image. I have aways been fascinated with the relationship between bee's and flowers.

Mary on see the bee
Lovely delicate colours Loretta.

Loretta on Even thru water
It is fun just trying new things. Thanks for the encouragement

Rags on Even thru water
keep up the good work.

Observing on Even thru water
That's the only way to find out....:))

Observing on Series of a tree 4
Great shot of the trees and sunlight, always a good subject to take.

bluechameleon on Series of a tree 4
Bravo Loretta...this is stunning! I love how the sun interacts with the trees, which appear to have long spindly ...

bisha on Depth of Field
Lovely soft pink! Nice DOF. It's so fun when something suddenly makes sense.

bisha on Lonley
What an interesting flower. It does look a lot like a bottle brush! :P

bisha on Series of a tree 4
Beautiful light!

Vinod on Series of a tree 4
Nice image Loretta... I loved the sun beams coming through tree leaves....

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